Monday, November 28, 2011


This is a fraction of a set of collages that I worked on obsessively while working at the Strand Annex (gone now, was on Fulton st, NY,NY)in 2006. They are made up entirely of things that were found in books and the covers of discarded books. If anyone would like to buy one to aid Letha's cancer treatment then contact me at - they are all 8.5X11- and would be $14.50 including postage (within the USA) all additional collages added to your order would be $10 ) Those abroad please write. THOSE LOOKING FOR PAINTINGS - THEY ARE IN MY EARLIER POSTS.
collage 1
                                                               collage 2
                                                             collage 3 (sold)
                                                          collage 4
                                                        collage 5 (sold)
                                                          collage 6 (sold)
                                                        collage 7 (sold)
                                                          collage 8 (sold)

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